About us

The team behind Bluebirdoptics

Robin Eriksson, Rikard Spångmyr & Erik Dilexit

With backgrounds as skiing and snowboarding instructors, we have spent a lot of time on the mountain and know what is required of really good equipment. We have used all our experience and knowledge when creating our products to ensure that everything is of the highest quality combined with the best features.

In 2012, Robin Aktiebolaget started Steezey AB and the brand BluebirdOptics. Since then, we have worked hard to produce a product that truly adapts to the needs of a ski / snowboard rider, a large field of view, simple lens changes and a functional design.

We are constantly working to improve and we will never be satisfied. We look ahead and are constantly looking for ways to get better.

We're a small company with big visions, and always work 100% in driving Bluebirdoptics forward, feel free to join our journey!

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