Aurora White & Pink


In Aurora you not only get a really cool goggle, you also get:

  • A large field of view
  • Easy lens replacement
  • Perfect fit

The following are included:

  • Matte white goggle
  • Primary lens: Pink (for overcast/cloudy & poor light conditions)
  • Extra lens: Black (for overcast cloudy and sunny conditions)
  • Storage bag that acts as a cleaning cloth

Scroll further down the page and you will find more information why you need a pair of Aurora!

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In Aurora we have focused on developing a premium model at an incredibly good price. Since we don’t put our money in expensive stores and premises, we have the opportunity to supply a top quality goggle at a really good price.


The extremely flexible material in our new frame provides the best fit ever in a Bluebird goggle.

We use two layers of padding with different densities, this way the frame is formed perfectly to your face, closest to the skin is a soft layer that keeps you warm and dry. The ventilation on both the top and bottom side ensures a constant flow of air to pass through the frame and prevent fog on the inner lens. Cutouts on the sides allows you to use regular glasses underneath the goggles.

If you want an even smoother solution, you can find clip-ins in your strength through our partner YouZee at this link: YouZee YouZee


A large cylindrical lens provides a perfect visual experience without optical distortions and a wide field of view. The inside of the lens has an antifouling treatment which ensures that any moisture or fog does not stick easily. The lenses are stable with our new pop n ́lock system so you don’t risk losing a lens because of a heavy landing or crash, and you can still change them quickly if the light changes. Thanks to dual lenses and an air pocket between the two layers, the lens is kept free from fog.


The strap is adjustable in size and can be easily replaced with one click. The inside of the strap is coated with wavy silicone strings that prevent the goggles from slipping off the helmet.

Bluebird Aurora

Stylish, large field of view, easy lens change & perfect fit