My name is Robin Eriksson and I founded the brand Bluebirdoptics in 2012.

It all started with a crash.

The first Bluebird prototype from 2013

We were out filming, me and my cousin André. We had built a jump a few days earlier. The landing had frozen and was hard. The only lighting we had was a street lamp that lit up the jump, but the landing was dark. It was a cold evening and I would do a backflip. André had set up the camera and was ready. I listened to music and drove my thumbs up to show that I was dropping in, André pressed “REC”. I never saw that landing, but what I remember was an unpleasant noise, a sound from the helmet that hit the hard packed snow. It ended with fractures on 2 neck vertebrae, cracks, nothing was off. I was lucky. I do not know exactly what happens if you break your neck but you should be able to die, certainly be paralyzed. This was winter 2006/2007.

I had a neck collar for 12 weeks and couldn't ski more that winter. When your neck get fixed in a collar for 12 weeks you get very stiff and the muscles break down. I had a hard time turning my head over the next few years and even today have limited neck mobility. Of course, I wanted to come back to skiing next winter but I had two problems, I became much more cowardly and I saw nothing to the sides.

Photoshoot for Bluebirdoptics 2.0 in the Italian alps 2016

Poor view of vision

I have always considered that what you are afraid of or what you are bad at should do as much as possible, so in the winter of 2008 I started a two-year training to become a ski teacher and got to ski and snowboard more than I ever did before. Big thanks to Swedish Caturism and the ski teacher education SCoTT in Orsa.

My second problem remained. All I could see in sideways was plastic and padding. I tested lots of different goggles but they all had the same problems, poor field of vision sideways. I contacted another Swedish goggles brand and actually got to design a google with them. But I wanted to make one even better and more good looking.

With a paper and pen I started to think and draw. It struck me pretty quickly that all the goggles on the market had an unfavorable shape to fit a face and provide a good field of view. For the next few months, I drew goggles on my spare time and finally I had found a shape I was happy with. I then went on to phase two, I had to get this sketch into the computer. So I booted up my laptop with Windows Vista and opened up the most sacred of editing software, Paint.

First step

Our third Bluebird model 1080 from 2017

So I now had a 2D design of a new goggle in Paint-format on the computer, how do you move on from this? You ask for help and talk to people. Incredibly important, this led me to Martin Design AB. I just knew his company had made plastic cabinets for fiber connection to apartments. I figured since they could build plastic things they could help me, so I took my USB memory and made a visit. Together with them we produced the first Bluebird goggle, Panoramic, which was released in 2014.

There's a quote from another guy from Dalarna that I try to live by:

“Nothing is impossible” - Gunde Svan

Bluebird has been run by me and my colleague Rikard since a few years back, and in the early 2019 Erik also joined the team. Want to know more about us? Check out the ”about us page”.

Bluebird Aurora, our fourth and latest model.

Feel free to try our products, you won't regret it!